Let Grow Witbank Together

Witbank Chamber Of Commerce & Industry is a powerful resource for business connections in and around the Emalahleni Minicipal area. Each year, Events, Programmes, and Publications highlight the outstanding quality of life and economic climate that makes Witbank a great town to live and work in. This year, take a step towards maximizing your Chamber Membership by taking advantage of marketing opportunities that align your business with great programmes and meaningful events.

The WCCI's strategy focuses on the following priority areas, which form the Task Teams

The Witbank Chamber Of Commerce & Industry focuses on catalysing economic growth and promoting the ease of doing business for member companies in the community.

Investment opportunities services

  • Business networking events and meetings with foreign investors and business delegations
  • Up to date economic indicators

Private sector representation towards third parties (government).

Written request to be lodged with CEO by the member for action.

Tabled at Executive Meeting for further action.

The Business Link Centre offers a wide range of information services to members (WCCI). Information and other resources are available.

It is important to note that the BLC has experience and are capable of giving you an overview and support with regards to the business opportunities present in the region.

Areas where we can offer support:

  • Free consultations on business development and business opportunities for WCCI members. 
  • Respond to business-related or membership-related inquiries by WCCI members.
  • Referral, guidance, and support on bureaucratic procedures involving government departments, e.g., licensing.​
  • Publication of periodicals containing the most essential and up-to-date information and statistical data of relevance for WCCI members.
  • An expanding business network is operating in the Highveld area of Mpumalanga.
  • Local trade partners that can strengthen your footprint.
  • Intelligent search engines that can help you find business information, fast.
  • A business information source on Emalahleni Community Information.
  • A street map of the Witbank, together with street names.

Business starter service

  • Specialist advice for small and medium-sized enterprise-owners
  • Sponsored training
  • Special membership rates

Issuance of Certificates of Origin and Ratification

This service allows customers to apply for Certificates of Origin to export goods from South Africa. Both members of the Chamber and non-members are entitled to this service. The Chamber Department provides this service in Witbank.

Type of Certificates of Origin available from the WCCI:

Non-preferential Certificate of Origin for WCCI members (Companies and sole traders registered in the Chamber).


Original invoice
Letter of Authority

Terms and Conditions:

The Chamber has the right to request for supporting documentation if necessary.

Service delivery channels:

  • Please contact the Secretary or Accountant for requirements and terms and conditions.
  • Price available on request.

You will receive:

  1. Certificate of Origin (1 original + 1 copy).
  2. Authentication and stamps on original invoices of purchase.

Supplier Registration and Local Supplier Database

We developed a comprehensive database of local businesses. You can access the procurement portal through our www.witbankchamber.co.za . We currently have 50 local business’ information.

Access to more comprehensive information is available at an additional fee, information available on request.